Mary PW Chin 穷孩子
Edinburgh, Perth, Inverness, Fort William, Mallaig

I revisited Edinburgh, the fairy-tale wonderland where every building looks like a fairy-tale castle. Edinburgh - Perth - Inverness - Fort William - Mallaig: the loop up north and back again was absolutely majestic. Persistent stretches of mountains and lochs seemed to have been created solely and exclusively for the purpose of d-i-s-p-l-a-y. Journey to Mallaig (good for seafood) was as stunning as a train ride can be.

In Edinburgh, the bus link between the airport and the city is the best I have seen so far. It is at least once every 10 minutes! (At Cardiff Airport one can wait an hour for the bus.) And it is the place to run to when one is in danger!

Not quite a wonderland after all

Well, Edinburgh wasn't quite a wonderland actually. At least not for this trip. I nearly got into trouble -- someone was tailing me around the city. Thankfully I noticed. I can't recall another time when I felt as frightened. I checked out of the accommodation immediately, jumped on the airport bus, and... I felt safe from that very moment. I slept so well in the airport that when I woke to the alarm clock, the few who were sleeping nearby had all gone!

The airport is the safest place. (... not Chicago Airport of course, where the airport staff and immigration officers mocked me over my Malaysian citizenship.)