Fishy corner

Mary PW Chin 穷孩子

It took me years as a kid to realise that the segment of the fish on the dish was in fact part of a big, big fish. Not until then could I explain the missing eyes and tail.

Ibarakirestaurant in Mito, Ibaraki Prefecture
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a la carte fish in Mito
CopenhagenDanish herring
☞ my Scandinavian stories
fish buffet in Copenhagen sauce for fish in Copenhagen
Ericeiraqueued to be bakalau-ed; I had the charcoal version
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fish in Ericeira
Jeju Islandfish breakfast in the company of kimchi
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fish in Jeju
20 April 2005 evening @ Tennessee Aquarium
I found Nemo!
Not for eating.more about that trip
9-21 July 2006 @ Jolly Hotel
a fortnight of delicious & generous seafood buffet
by far the best salmon I ever had
☞ more about that trip
Washington DC
puffer fish popped out from neuroscience textbook

Fish markets

Washington DC
Rio de Janeiro