Mary PW Chin 穷孩子
salzburg JUL 2008
Salzburg: climb every mountain

Here is the home of doe a deer a female deer -- the Sound of Music. It is also the home of the music prodigy, Mozart.

How would you feel if you get a ticket for an opera, turn up and find yourself at a puppet show? Well, that nearly happened to me in Salzburg, but someone pointed it out to me soon enough. I was making a fuss that I must not miss Die Zauberflöte and the Marriage of Figaro, but was told that it was too early in the year. I eventually found a leaflet advertising both. Happily I showed it to the hotel receptionist! Those were puppet shows, she said. Oh well, I went for the Sound of Music instead. A puppet show indeed, an amazing one. The Mother Superior came on stage as a real person amidst the little puppets, holding one lovingly in her hand and putting it back on the little swing. That was absolutely gorgeous. I still can't make out why did she appear large as a giant but her appearance was certainly a delight to the audience. The song, "Climb every mountain, search high and low ..." was particularly moving.

The volume of tourists was wicked in Salzburg, but my angst for crowds got sorted in an instant, for it was so easy to find beautiful and unscathed routes up to the surrounding hills. On some routes I did not meet a single soul. Typical tourists only go where they are told. I walked the hills till I dropped and till tanned, to my heart's content.